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The Kettenkrad Gallery

Welcome to the Kettenkrad Gallery. Here you find some interesting Kettenkrad pictures.

The Kettenkrad stamp:

On the 11th of March 1944 the Deutsche Reichspost issued a series of charity stamps to celebrate the Heldengedenktag (Heroes memorial day). These stamps show vehicles and weapons of the Wehrmacht. The 4 + 3 Pfennig stamp (4 Pfennigs for postage and 3 Pfennigs for charity purposes) shows the Kettenkrad:

Kettenkrad Stamp from 1944

This is an enlarged picture of the 4 + 3 Pfennig stamp. The original size is 33 x 28 mm.
The stamp is MICHEL no. 874 (The MICHEL is the German philatelic index.)

The Kettenkrad in the newspapers:

Title Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung July 1942

This is the title of the "Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung" from July the 30th, 1942. This was the first time, that the Kettenkrad was shown to the public. This picture was used for the stamp above. The text in the left lower corner of the page says:

"A picture never shown before: The Kettenkrad. This new off-road vehicle, which carries three men, has become the reliable help for the German soldiers at the eastern front and in Africa."


Title Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung December 1942

This is the title of the same magazine from December the 10th, 1942. The picture shows the minister for armament and ammunition, Albert Speer, testing the Kettenkrad. The text in the right lower corner of the page says:

"The minister tests himself! In difficult terrain the minister for armament and ammunition, Speer, tests the latest model of the Kettenkrad, which is because of its capabilities off-road and in the mud excellent for the difficult terrain in the east".

In the driver's manual:

In the Kettenkrad driver's manual, there is an excellent "cut-away" drawing, showing the internal parts of the Kettenkrad:

phantokl.jpg (33755 Byte)

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Kettenkrads on picture postcards:

Here are two original German picture postcards from WW2:

PK1.jpg (38121 Byte)          PK2.jpg (37480 Byte)

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These postcards were published by Kunstverlag E.A. Schwerdtfeger & Co. AG, Berlin.
It shows very early Kettenkrads, with the wowing hooks high on the front of the hull.

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