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NSU Kettenkrad HomepageKettenkrad

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Kettenkrad models updated

The mother of all Kettenkrad models was the toy model from the NSU factory.

Today there are a lot of models of the NSU Kettenkrad available. Every year several new kits or ready built models were released. From the big 1/6 scale toy models for the action figures to the tiny 1/285 scale models from GHQ.

I own some of these these models. Here is my model collection:

The mother of all Kettenkrad models: The original toy model from the NSU factory

The King Size: 1/6 scale models
(DRAGON, 21st Century Toys, Cherilea)

Kettenkrad Modelle

The big ones: Model kits in 1/9 scale

The medium ones (1/35 and 1/32 scale)

Kettenkrad Modelle

1/87 Trident model

The small ones (1/72 scale and smaller)

 Paper/carton models

Misc. models

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